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Mecapack is more than 200 talented men and women, ready to listen. Our desire: to empower each employee so that they can prosper in their function and contribute in their own way to the development of our company. Joining the Mecapack adventure means joining a creative, audacius and friendly collective! Does it intrigues you? Join our Staff Candidature spontanée

College or Student ?

Mecapack also means partnerships with different schools in order to recruit and train the talents of tomorrow. We work with several schools, specializing in different fields, and each year we have the pleasure to host students on apprenticeship or professionalization contracts. Purchase knowledge at school and applying it on a daily basis, we believe in it and work to continue the training of the youngest. We teach our know-how, but not only those. Our work-study students are also talents from which we learn and which strengthens our teams. If you are a school or a student, do not hesitate to ask us to talk about your project. C in the box: we are committed to helping young people discover our professions. By being a partner of C, we are opening the doors of Mecapack to college students so that they can discover the different professions and services that make up our company… And why not, discover a vocation at home…! Contact us

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